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Yii Framework Development

Yii is an open-source Web application development framework which is built in PHP5. It encourages very quick development as it has a very clear design and easy to use interface. It helps to ensure an extremely efficient, extensible, and maintainable end product. It is extremely performance optimized which can be a perfect choice for any sized project. It has amazing tools to test and debug your application and has comprehensive as well as pronounced documentation.

Main advantages using Yii PHP framework are:

  • It is fast in loading. As it is broadly used technique named lazy loading i.e. it does not involve classes and objects until it is needed.
  • It is highly secure and reliable, as it uses OOP standards. This makes it a stronger framework.
  • It is developer-friendly as web developers can build complex applications. And it ensures timely delivery with full safety.

Yii facts / features

  • It is a pretty impressive PHP framework compared to others.
  • Nowadays, it has become very popular and it’s adoption rate is increasing among developers at an amazing rate.
  • It consists of efficient and professional resources, which are free!
  • It is fun using this framework because it is very flexible and intuitive
  • Yii got inspired by some other famous web programming applications and frameworks. The major sources of ideas for Yii are: Prado, Ruby on rails, jQuery, Symfony and Joomla

Thus, Yii is a high-performance framework. It outshines all other web application development frameworks because of its rich feature set with which you can enormously enhance your development productivity.

Making the best utilization of Yii with WeyalTech:

Be it security, speed, rich functionality or remarkable engineering – whatever be the reason for you to work on Yii, WeyalTech will help you to make it happen.


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